The company is based in Savignano sul Rubicone in Northern Italy. It provides a full range of solutions covering the development and implementation of electrical control panels for both domestic and industrial sectors; electrical installations for industrial environments; electrical installations with customised supervision software for the management of automatic production lines, suitable for pasta and rice factories; remote assistance; maintenance and technical support services.
Elettrotecnica Zambelli s.r.l. has been providing its services since 1984, particularly to the food industry (flour mills, pasta and rice factories) and the packaging industry (automatic machinery).
For its outstanding business achievements, in 1998 the company was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì the traditional golden plaque and the official certificate of the 45th “Progresso Economico” event, a business contest for economic growth. Later on, in 2003, the company was assigned a further award by the Chamber of Commerce to mark its performance as “Impresa Eccellente” (best company of the year).
The growth of the company derives particularly from its ability to innovate processes and systems while constantly addressing product quality and the specific needs and requirements of both home and international customers.
At Elettrotecnica Zambelli s.r.l. we recognize the importance of our human resources in creating a special added value. It is thanks to the expertise and skills of our professionals and technicians that we can develop and implement customised installations no matter the job that our customers need attended to.
Finally, an effective management of all company offices and functions enables Elettrotecnica Zambelli s.r.l. to meet project deadlines while achieving optimal cost/benefit solutions.
Elettrotecnica Zambelli s.r.l. has served customers throughout the world in the following business sectors: pasta factories, flour mills, rice factories, animal food factories, packaging plants, automatic machinery for the fruit and vegetable industry, weighing and packaging plants, dosing plants, machinery for pasta factories.