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We assemble and wire electrical distribution panels and automation panels.
Careful choice of materials, constant review of production techniques and thorough compliance with the strictest safety regulations in force represent one of our strong points in our pursuit of best quality standards. Tests are carried out using certified equipment both at our Test Department and on-site.


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We analyse, study and develop supervision software systems suitable for PLC (any brand) operated machinery and lines. We develop supervision and process control software systems to operate from PCs via communication networks. All systems come with technical manuals and technical support as a further mark of reliability and competence on the part of our company.


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We provide a range of services for distribution substations, medium and low voltage lines, power distribution centers, ups, power factor corrections.


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We supply electrical installations and on-board pneumatic systems, electricity distribution lines, indoor and outdoor lighting, motive power, smoke and fire detection systems, home security systems. Based on our know-how and expertise we design and deliver electrical installations suitable for machinery and production lines equipped with control systems.


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In order to further extend and improve our range of customer-oriented solutions, Zambelli Group have introduced a new maintenance service. The new service is available to anyone who wishes to entrust the servicing of their systems to our experienced staff, whether or not the systems were designed and implemented by our group. Therefore, to help you reduce any inconveniences and costly repairs or replacements due to poor or non-existent maintenance, we provide free of charge estimates tailored to your individual situation as regards:

  • Preventative maintenance programme
  • Regular check-ups of your installation
  • Quick response to your requests for servicing
  • Upgrading of electrical control panels in existing lines


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We analyse, study and develop hardware systems, design projects and documentation, distribution systems, electrical control panels, on-board machine installations in compliance with CEI, EN, IEC, VDE, UL regulations in force. We offer preliminary studies, working designs, and detailed estimates too.


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The palletizing robot represents the most versatile and fast tool for moving goods from one place to another.
It can move bags containing solid products, boxes, crates, pallets and it’s flexible in format change.
Working with the palletizing robot is so easy it can palletize also on pallets that are directly placed on the ground. It has a long jointed arm, mounted on a rotating platform for fast and precise movements on 4 axes.
At the end of its arm the palletizing robot has a multifunction clamp assembled, useful for different kind of product processing. It rotates around its vertical axis.


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In order to complete its proposal to its customers, the Zambelli group offers a new service of customer support, addressed both to users of plants constructed by us as well as those who need to entrust a qualified company to manage their plant. This allows the customer to reduce to the maximum the disservices on his plant, caused by the long times needed for restoring technical activities.
Our customer support consists in technical activities provided by our staff directly on remote systems like PLC and/or supervision PCs.
The plant stoppage downtime is reduced and the production resumes as quickly as possible.
The only condition required for this service is a protected internet connection and ADSL access.

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